So about my CG Artist...

Soooooo, I suck a drawing. Art was never my strong-suit. Even in my old high school art class, I would have my old friend, Nicole, draw my work for me. Once I started working on this visual novel, I released a ad on craigslist for a CG artist in April and I was able to find one in June. We were able to meet up and she was pretty chill. She even showed me some of her work and it was really good, plus she priced each CG at  $70,  so I hired her. She had been working on them for me  for about 2 months now, but never sent me any sketches or anything for it(I was gonna ask her on the 18th but I was bust with the new Seven Deadly Sins movie). I already paid half  for one upfront to her and to never even received a sketch was kind of irritating. I finally get in touch with her and she tells me she can't work on them anymore because  I wasn't offering a higher price. For one, SHE was the one who said she wanted $70,. I offered to pay her $100 for each CG (Mind you, I expect at least 30 CGs in my game so that $3,000 overall. Since I live on campus, I don't pay bills so I don't mind it. ) but she said $70 is fine. Secondly, when I asked her to see the sketches she was working on, she told me she wasn't working on any.  So, the 2 MONTHS I thought she had been working on them, she wasn't. If I would of known this, I would of hired another CG artist by now. At this point, I gt angry and she offers to reimburse me the $45 I had already given her. I DON'T WANT THE MONEY, I WANT MY CGs LIKE YOU PROMISED. The conversation ended unpleasantly, and now I'm stuck looking for another local CG artist. I know many people aren't really waiting for the game to come out, but for those who are, I just want to sincerely apologize for this delay. I wanted to have this entire thing finished by February 2019, but that may not happen. Either way, I'm still going to be releasing information as much as I can and once I finish it, I will be releasing the demo (Which wil hopefully have CG.) Thank you all so much for your support. I'll update you all in the next one. PEACE!!!

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