The Way Life Goes Beta 2.0 and More!

Been working on this game constantly and slowing making process. I never thought it would be this long to script this game but with all the different choices and paths, this is going to be a pretty decent and long game overall. After the incident with my artist, I am still looking for someone to replace her, but that only a minor set back. On a side note, I am still releasing  the longer beta for the game on my Patreon so for $1 pledge,  you can get access to it before everyone else does. Also, for those who don't know, the game is based off a e-book I wrote, and the book is also being edited as we speak (It'll probably be out before the game honestly). As for everything else, It's been pretty steady. I have someone working on a logo, and also background art for my main menu (All will be  posted on my Patreon).  I do still have school and work but I promise I will have  a full demo out before the end of the year. Thank you all so much for the support , and I'll talk to you guys in the next one. PEACE!!!

Link to Patreon:>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Check it out!

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