Where to start... Well, I've still been working on the game, just not as much. From final exams, my other projects, and "personal problems", the amount of time I have to work on this project has slowed down more than before. This game is really far along than what it has been before, so I'm happy about that but this has become a side project at this point. After tomorrow, I will be completely done with my exams, so I will head home for break and work on it there. To add on to this, there are some major changes to the game:

- The name of the game will change to The Butterfly Effect. The reasoning is due to the choice you make and how they affect others.

-The 2.0 Beta will be free to play. I originally had it set to $1 to see who was willing to support us, but we didn't receive much help so it is now free to pay. Donation would be greatly appreciated though.

-The avatars in the game are bound to change. We've been working on different sprites and background to use in the game but they may take time before we actually revealed them.

- We are looking for more CG artist. We're tight on money but are willing to pay what we must in order to lighten the load on us.

I will drop a longer demo soon on Steam pretty soon, so look out for that. Our other project is still our top priority, but this game will be worked on in our free time. I'm also working on my own separate projects besides this game that I will be unveiling soon on my YouTube channel, so if you would like, please check it out. Make sure to also check our other project and give your support on that.  Thank you all for you support and next time you hear from me, the demo will be dropped.



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Aug 27, 2018

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